Using the engaging topics of “death, destruction and dinosaurs” to engage students in STEM subjects, the D2E programme explores the science of asteroids and comets.

Looking at their role in the formation of planetary systems and their influence on the development of life.

Discovering how they deliver volatile elements including water to planets.

Exploring the potential causes of mass extinctions such as the KT event that killed off the dinosaurs.

The D2E project includes an “impact simulator” (recently upgraded with funds from the European Space Agency) that allows users to recreate the physics of an actual asteroid or comet impact, using research software developed at the Univ. of Arizona.

Students can hold and investigate REAL meteorites from space and handle dinosaur fossils.

Suitability – Reception age onward

Venue requirements – Access to classroom projector, computer and screen, classroom tables and chairs

For more information on the Down2Earth scheme and for access to their impact simulator, please click here