3D Shows

AstroCymru can deliver a 3D cinematic experience to your school or festival for up to 500 people! We will take you on a journey around our solar system, through an asteroid belt, take you to the universe’s most extreme environments and begin to demonstrate the sheer size of the stars and planets out there.

Our space expert will show a few short films on various topics about the universe and space travel suited to your audience followed by a question and answer session.

Our shows:

3D Astronomy (all approximately 10 mins long)

Bigger Than Big

Shows the audience the sizes of celestial objects in our universe from our moon through to planets, galaxies and the structure of the universe.

Harewood House

Takes the audience on a tour of the solar system from the surface of terrestrial planets to the violent storms of the gas giants. It journeys through the asteroid belt and the rings of Saturn with the effect of these objects hurtling towards you.

The Little Things

Covers the birth of the solar system and looks at the various bodies other than planets, such as; Asteroids, Comets, Meteors and Meteorites.

Extreme Places

Explores the surface of solar system bodies. It journeys to Venus, Mars, Saturn’s moon Titan and Jupiter’s moons Io and Europa, showing the similarities between Earth and searching for possible signs of life.


Other 3D content available includes:

Captain Jack’s Maths Adventure

An interactive under the sea journey which uses mathematical questions in order to proceed to next level. This presentation is mainly used in primary school sessions although feedback has proven it to be popular with adults not confident in maths topics.

Biology Explorer

Shows the organs such as skin, eyes, heart, brain and kidneys in 3D which allows the presenter to rotate chosen object at any angle, take cross-sections in order to see how the organs work. The programme also has futuristic video presentation where detailed explanations of diseases of the organs such as lungs Cystic fibrosis, Asthma and smoking related diseases are explained.

Seaside Punctuation

Takes you on a trip to the beach, testing your grammar and punctuation along the way.


Venue requirements – Access to school hall or similar large area MUST BE ABLE TO DARKEN THE ROOM